Monday, September 19, 2011

An Example: Summer Cottage

If you can spend time on a summer cottage enjoying the nature and doing a little bit of some practical work either outside or in the kitchen or some minor repair work, and either sing or play yourself or listen in the car while you drive to your summer cottage, varied types of music that you like, then you have fun and lots of sensory stimuli from the nature, atmosphere observations from the music and practical work which unifies these three: you gain a way of thinking and doing that is easy going, pleasant, quick to get work done, does it well and uses both intelligence and insight like you on a vacation can better see the ultimate motivation in things.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

An additional remark

If you have some difficulty in applying these ideas to practise in your working place, please make sure that these things get entirely decided by fellow engineers, however money oriented they may be.

This is important because people with very different backgrounds often have different situations of life and cannot understand why engineers need more free time than those who work in natural human resources work or are bosses handling mostly human relationships and teaching instead of the dry unnatural work with mathematics and computers.

So a fellow engineer can understand that if an engineer looks exhausted, he propably needs more free time, while someone with a different background might just guess that it is natural for engineers to look somewhat dry, and so they are likely to push the "lazy" engineers (or is it ufos?) even harder...

Thank you! - Please spread the word!

Questions of work efficiency touch very many people indeed. And when computerization of just about every side of life proceeds, ordinary people start to resemble what engineers were like some twenty or thirty years ago. So the life of an engineer is a question concerning the future of the whole world. Please work for a better future for engineers and for all!

And if you have friends who too are engineers, please pass the word that more enjoyable free time and more room for feelings in the future is a real possibility in the tough world... Maybe they would like to get a link to this page and to my book? It is . Wish them luck!

Thank you for visiting! I hope that you can enjoy your life more than this far...

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